The name "Usonia" is a term popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright and used by him around 1910 when on his first European trip. He spoke, calling the U.S.A. "U-S-O-N-A" to avoid confusion with the new Union of South Africa. As Mr. Wright himself put it, "We have no real name for ourselves." Over time, Mr. Wright made "Usonian" as much his personal word as he did "organic," and indeed, the two came to mean much the same for him. "Usonia" was his name for the reformed Ameraican society the he tried for the last 25 years of his life to bring about. "Organic" referred to the way in which this change was going to occur. Ultimately, both spring from Mr. Wrights deep conviction that a culture or and individual should proceed integrally from its core or roots, "out of the ground and into the light."

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