Steve in the middle with other army buddies. This picture taken in the U.S. before leaving for Vietnam
Steve with unknown Army Buddies in 1968, just prior to Vietnam
Just prior to Vietnam
Thats me being "manly" smoking a cigar in the woods
Being "pinned" after Vietnam
Taken in 1968, Lai Khe, Republic of Vietnam. Guess I was camera shy.
Inside of one of our 8 man tents
Americans are so lazy. We payed Vietnam nationals in the middle of a war zone, to shine our boots
The Vietnam countryside taken by me while riding in a helicopter
Even in a war zone, recreation was available... and we kept our beer cold with large garbage cans of icewater.
The 8 man tents we slept in were surrounded by sandbags to deflect "incomming"
Between our sleeping quarters were these spider infested "bunkers" into which we ran at about 3:00am when the rockets began shelling our compounds. The happened almost every single night.
yup... thats me... m-16 and all.. Posing inside of our living quarters
Each tent held 8 of us... and our amenities... a fan and small regrigerator
Taken in 1968 just prior to my leaving the United States for Vietnam.